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Care Smart


The Verizon Care Smart app allows you to locate and monitor usage of a Verizon Care Smart watch and compatible Apple devices. The app also allows you to set up trusted  contacts (including yourself), add and remove permissions, and enable trusted these contacts to receive location information about the wearable. The Care Smart app also provides Get Help - Caregiver Alert Service and Get Help - Professional Monitoring Service for compatible Apple watches. These Get Help services provide trusted contacts with fall-detection alerts and location updates and also provide a Get Help emergency-contact button on an Apple watch face. With Get Help - Professional Monitoring, you can call a Get Help agent if you need assistance.

The Care Smart privacy practices are covered by Verizon’s Privacy Policy as well as the practices described here. In the event of a conflict between the two policies, the practices described in this policy govern when you are using Care Smart products and services.

Read Verizon's Privacy Policy

Information we collect and how it is used.

We collect information when you set up your Care Smart services through the Care Smart app, including your name, address, mobile telephone number, email address, and your device details. We may also collect information from the Care Smart watch or Apple compatible device you use, including device and user identifiers, geolocation information, the number of steps taken, call and text usage, photos of individuals set up as contacts, and the messages exchanged between the device and the Care Smart app.

We use this Information to deliver, maintain, support and improve the Care Smart services, including to provide you and trusted contacts with precise geolocation information about the watch and for analytics.

Information we share.

We share personal information with vendors and partners who work on our behalf. These vendors and partners may use personal information shared with them only for purposes related to providing the Care Smart services to you.
By design, the Get Help - Caregiver Alert and Get-Help Professional Monitoring services shares information about the Care Smart device with established trusted contacts. This includes device location and information about “Get Help” calls, including phone numbers called, call frequency, and call location information. The Care Smart app also provides an alert to trusted contacts when a call is made using  the “Get Help” button on the watch face or smartphone.  Trusted contacts may view the history of “Get Help” calls in the app.

Your choices.

The Care Smart watch will prompt the wearer to provide consent for sharing location with trusted contacts during device set up. You will be asked to provide consent for all devices that are paired with the Care Smart app to collect device identifiers and geolocation and for Care Smart wearables and compatible Apple devices to collect steps taken and call and text usage. 
We will request your permission to share the location of your watch and smartphone and the CPNI related to the service call when you use the Get Help - Caregiver Alert service and the Get Help - Professional Monitoring service. Device wearers will receive regular notifications that their location is being shared with trusted contacts. Smart watch wearers have a choice to stop wearing their Care Smart watch or compatible Apple device if they wish to stop sharing location information. Upon request from the wearer, you should delete that device from your Care Smart app. For more information or assistance with these choices, including to review the information we collected, you can contact us at

Last Update: November, 2022