Verizon Enterprise Center

Easily control your services. Anytime. Virtually Anywhere.

Take control of your network online.

Verizon Enterprise Center has what you need to manage Verizon services so you can spend more time on your business and less time on ours. It provides simple, fast and secure access to capabilities like opening trouble tickets, paying bills, and ordering new services.

Verizon Enterprise Center offers visibility into the status of tickets, orders and installations– all with 24x7 support that leverages the scale and expertise of Verizon.

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  • What is Verizon Enterprise Center?

    Verizon Enterprise Center is a comprehensive suite of digital tools that makes it easy to monitor, manage, analyze and enhance Verizon products and services. It flexes seamlessly between desktop, tablet and smartphone channels to deliver the data most relevant to your business needs.

    Download the “My Verizon for Enterprise” app by visiting the App Store or Google Play.

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  • Scan to download and quickly register via the App.

    1. Scan code
    2. Download My Verizon for Enterprise
    3. Sign up with your invitation code

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  • How do I access Verizon Enterprise Center?

    An invitation code1 to enroll is included on each monthly invoice. To register using the invitation code:

    • Go to 
    • Click the ‘Register’ link in the “Sign in to business” section
    • Enter the code to complete registration

    You can also obtain an invitation code from your account team, by phone, or in the mail with a billing account number and the zip code for billing.

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Features & benefits

Manage your services, streamline business processes, and control critical business functions.

  • Control. Control your Verizon services from a centralized interface
  • Insights. Capitalize on your valuable network data
  • Efficiency. Automate processes to save time and control costs
  • Flexibility. Access your account on your own schedule

Powerful tools for better business.

  • Order

    Order additional products and services simply and easily2

    • Check for product and service availability
    • Use pre-populated templates for efficiency
    •  Compare pricing for different speeds
    • Track order status
  • Pay

    Manage billing and payment information

    • View your invoices
    • See current charges and balances
    • Submit billing inquiries
    • Make payments online or schedule payments
    • Enroll in Auto pay, paperless billing, and more
  • Monitor

    Access near real-time data about your network’s performance

    • View Verizon inventory and network health
    • Drill down to explore the details
    • Create, update, and track status of change requests and repair tickets
    • Upgrade bandwidth on demand
    • View maintenance events and alarms
  • Analyze

    Make informed decisions about your network investments

    • Access reports through dashboard options and keyword search
    • Summarize complex data with ready-to-use charts and graphs
    • Export data in various formats for analysis
    • Turn raw data into essential information to improve performance


Customer Learning Portal

Verizon Enterprise Center training and other Verizon product training can be found by registering on the Customer Learning portal.

Verizon Enterprise Center Help Desk

US and Canada Customers
Live Chat (Sun 8 PM – Sat 8 PM ET)
800.569.8799 (Mon – Fri 9 AM – 6 PM ET)

Live Chat (Mon 1 AM – Sun 1 AM GMT)
00.800.4321.5432 (Mon – Fri 9 AM – 5 PM GMT)


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1 An Invitation Code expires on a specific date and provides access to your billing information, which may be personal information as defined by applicable law. Any person who enters an Invitation Code online will be understood by Verizon to be your authorized and authenticated representative. Protect an Invitation Code as you would any password.

2 Only U.S. locations can be ordered through the automated experience. Orders for Private IP and other select services can still be initiated through the Verizon Enterprise Center, though the automation capabilities will not be available. Automated online ordering is available with Worldwide Service Agreements if both the customer and Verizon Legal entities are U.S. based.

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