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Secure your

attack surface.

The world grows more connected every day. Each connection is like an open invitation to attackers looking to breach your business. As your attack surface grows, managing risk becomes more important—and complex. You need intelligent insights into your risk posture and a cybersecurity strategy to help you secure every access point, from the core to the edge. We can help you build it.

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Integrating the right end-to-end security program is a complex proposition. We help make it easier by working with you to identify your vulnerabilities, and to design a cybersecurity strategy that addresses them. Our cybersecurity expertise can support security program integration across your enterprise—from your network’s core to devices at the edge.

  • Mitigate
    risk by

    Understand the cybersecurity landscape, trends in breach behavior and how they affect your assets.

  • Address
    from the
    core to the

    We’ll help you create a comprehensive approach that mitigates risk across your enterprise.

    • Address risk, vulnerability and business continuity at the network level.
    • Secure data in transit and across all access points, including cloud, mobile and IoT.
    • Respond to opportunities and implement changes quickly with virtualized network options.
  • Protect your
    with program
    monitoring and

    We’ll show you the value of incident detection, response and long-term program management.

    • Defend against security risks with advanced threat detection and incident response capabilities.
    • Better control overhead and operational expenses through intelligence-driven security monitoring.
    • Address gaps in security program expertise by using managed program resources.
    • Secure data access points with the right access and identity management safeguards.
  • Prepare for
    and respond
    to the worst-

    Understand the cybersecurity landscape, trends in breach behavior and how they affect your assets.

    • Understand the global breach landscape and how to interpret its data.
    • Use enterprise-specific risk posture data to make intelligence-driven investments.
    • Take advantage of professional services resources to build a blueprint for security.

Our capabilities

Verizon’s nine global Security Operations Centers analyze billions of events for our customers. And with over a decade of experience producing our annual Data Breach Investigations Report, we have both the credibility and expertise to define what a secure enterprise truly looks like.

  • Visibility.  One of the largest global IP networks, offering unprecedented insight into security threats
  • Threat intel.  Analysis of over 345,000 security incidents and 12,000 data breaches
  • Forensics expertise.  The ability to correlate cyber threats quickly and efficiently
  • Security portfolio. An array of detection, defense and business continuity capabilities


events processed annually (average)


years of forensics investigations and incident data analysis


security operations centers globally


security, network and hosting devices under management

Don't let the next big breach be a part of your legacy.

Build your best defense for worst-case scenarios.

  • Learn how our security expertise makes a real difference for enterprises.

  • Regional utility upgrades network for secure and remote grid monitoring.

Smart integration. Desired outcomes.

Discover solutions that can help

Explore Verizon’s ecosystem of solutions, products, and services to help you advance innovation and solve tough challenges across your enterprise. What outcomes are you trying to drive for your business? Select from the options below, then click on solution categories to get a closer view of products and services that can support those goals.


Network Planning
and Design
From data centers, to security, and mobility—Verizon can help you transform your infrastructure from assessment to design to integration.
Connectivity Leverage the power of the world’s best network to keep your workforce teams, customers, vendors and partner communicating and collaborating effectively.
Virtual Network Services Scale up or down to respond to marketplace opportunities and meet demand instantly with the flexibility of a virtualized network.
Application EnablementLayer cutting-edge applications on the foundation of a strong network and cloud virtualization to help you stay competitive in a changing marketplace with evolving customer expectations.
Enterprise Mobility
Management & Security
Safeguard your networks from both threats and unexpected outtages with the power of private networks and backup solutions.
Edge SolutionsLeverage Verizon’s network of suppliers and OEMs to help you manage your on-premises equipment and maintenance needs anywhere you need to do business.
Network Monitoring
and Maintenance
Focus on your business and let Verizon take care of managing your WAN. Unlock better application performance, simplify your local network, and stay agile.


Cyber Risk MonitoringGet a 360-degree view of your security posture, identify threats and vulnerabilities unique to your enterprise, and make program decisions based on intelligent insights.
Protect: Network
and Gateway Security
Defend your network and keep your expanding ecosystem of access points secure from bad actors and sleep easy knowing that intel gathered from the world’s best network is being used to keep your enterprise safe.
Detect and Respond:
Threat Monitoring
Identify threats across your enterprise and respond with the right analytics or let Verizon manage those core program operations for you.
Security Strategy
Tap into the mindshare of Verizon’s data forensics and security program experts to address risk, compliance, and incident response planning.

Business Communications

Unified Communications
and Collaboration
Drive enterprise innovation and workforce collaboration with a unified communication strategy and integrated, cloud-based communications solutions.
Conferencing Services Equip your remote, mobile workforce teams and enable global collaboration with next-gen audio, video, and web conferencing solutions.
VoIP and Voice Services Stay competitive, bring remote locations online easily, and provide coverage where you need it with IP-enabled voice solutions.
Enterprise Mobility
Management and Security
Protect organizational IP by managing mobile devices, controlling access, and effectively monitoring traffic on your private networks.
Business Communications
and CPE
Take advantage of Verizon’s core communications expertise to design and adopt the right business communications strategy and oversee your on-premises equipment needs.

Customer Experience Services

Cloud Contact
Transform your contact center strategy with flexible, on-demand cloud services and intelligent contact routing to deliver a seamless customer experience.
Transport &
Intelligent Routing
Personalize call treatment and utilize skills or agent level routing to put customers in the right place every time.
Customer Engagement Leverage customer preference data to deliver personalized, digital experiences that drive brand engagement and brand loyalty.
CX Design
and Consulting
Work with Verizon teams uniquely equipped to advise you on digital transformation roadmapping and customer experience design strategy.


Workforce Productivity Equip employees with mobile collaboration tools and push-to-talk capabilities that enable near real-time communication outside the office or the country.
One Talk
Business Phone Solutions
Integrate your landline and wireless with mobile-first business IP solutions that keep you in touch with and accessible to your customers no matter where you are.
Enterprise Mobility
Management & Security
Protect organizational IP by managing mobile devices, controlling access, and effectively monitoring traffic on your private networks.
Next Gen Network Leverage the power, efficiency, security, scalability and longevity of Verizon’s 4G LTE network in the United States as well as global coverage and support through our relationship with multiple in-country network operators.
Mobile Business
Through targeted relationships, our mobile solutions bring together a wide range of technology expertise to help you meet your operational needs and overcome customer challenges.
Wireless Devices Shop the best devices for the best network and uncover the true potential of your enterprise with cutting-edge technology.
Wireless Deals & Offers Get the best deals with competition-beating offers from Verizon that will allow you to transform and be cost-effective at the same time.

Internet of Things

Smart Cities &
Use innovative Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication solutions, to improve efficiency, revolutionize cities, and create a better quality of life for both work and play.
Telematics Promote safer driving habits and asset security, optimize route planning, dispatch work, and address compliance guidelines with GPS-enabled and IoT-driven telematics solutions.
Grid Wide Solutions Build a powerful, reliable energy infrastructure with smart metering and data management coupled with monitoring and control.
Mobile Commerce Engage customers with cutting-edge experiences by leveraging IoT and M2M capabilities from digital signage to mobile point-of-service offerings to kiosks.
Asset Management Track high-value assets in near real time to mitigate risk and have complete visibility into how to improve workflow and mitigate risk.
IoT Security Credentialing Address the security vulnerabilities of a widened landscape of IoT access points with application protection and trusted authentication.
4G LTE + IoT Lean on the best coverage, performance, cost, and control for your IoT data needs with 4G LTE.
ThingSpace Take advantage of Verizon’s web-based, IoT development platform, a simplified IoT workspace and machine-to-machine (M2M) management center for prototype through production.
Professional Services

Need planning, design and integration expertise? Verizon offers professional services support for the solutions/products identified below.

Managed Services

Let us manage core monitoring and maintenance requirements so you can focus on your business goals. Verizon offers managed services support for the solutions/products identified below.

Managed and Professional Services help you achieve transformation with confidence.

Rely on the expertise of our consultants to develop strategies that drive results. From design and implementation to analytics and maintenance, our support teams can help accelerate your transformation.



We’ll help you identify disruptors and desired outcomes, and build the right roadmap to accelerate your goals.



Our relationships with vetted technology providers integrate products and services to customize solutions for you.



Our service experts lead the installation, providing technical project management and adoption services.



Our integrated services can provide simple monitoring to complex outsourcing.

  • 5G Ultra Wideband available in select areas. 5G Nationwide available in 2,700+ cities.

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